Bio Lavender Flowers

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Our Organic Lavender Flowers are 100% organically grown in Alteya’s family lavender farm, located between the majestic slopes of the Balkan mountains in the heart of Bulgaria. Lavender Flowers have sweet, relaxing aroma and long history in traditional western herbalism. Thanks to its potent floral aroma, people have use lavender flowers to help ease insomnia, anxiety and stress.
Dry Lavender Flowers are great for making sachets, can be added to potpourri blends, used in spice blends, or incorporated into homemade skincare preparations. They also make naturally sweet and delicate tea with wonderful tranquilizing aroma. Some of the beneficial constituents of lavender flowers are natural essential oil, tannins and flavonoids that are believed to support overall wellbeing.

Lavender is native to the Mediterranean, and its use goes back thousands of years. Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans had used it in different religious practices, culinary creations, beautifying rituals, and in aroma baths. Throughout history, the lavender scent has been associated with comfort, serenity, purity, devotion, and good health.
Our Organic Lavender Flowers are free from chemicals, pesticide residues, artificial coloring, or flavoring.
Naturally caffeine free.

Lavender Flowers do not always remain purple after the drying process – color may vary. Store in dry, cool place, away from direct sunlight.

Steep a culinary infusion. Simmer a fragrant potpourri. Use for arts, crafts and custom creations.
Store in a cool, dark, dry place.

100% Organic Lavender Buds

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