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Terms & Conditions - Black Friday 2023

By participating in the „Black Friday Campaign 2023” Promotion, the website visitors accept and agree with the current Promo Terms and Conditions as well as with our general TOS.

I.General information

• The „Black Week 2023” Promotion will begin at 00:01 CET+1 on 17th November 2023 and closes at 23:59 CET+1 on 26th November 2023.
• Discounts will only be valid during the above-mentioned time.
• All orders placed during the period will be prepared and shipped within 5 business days counted from the day the order was placed.
• Discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or promotion or be applied retrospectively.
• Due to the high order volumes expected, there may be slight delays in delivery schedule.
• The promotion is subject to products availability.
• The „Black Friday Campaign 2023” Campaign is organized by Alteya Organics LLC

II. Discounts

• A 30% discount on all orders valued 100€ and above*
* The discount doesn’t apply to products in the following categories: “Rose Oil” and “Lifestyle”, as well as for the following single product – “Organic Liquid Soaps Set 3 x 500 ml”
• А 10% discount on a different product category - every 48 hours. The discount is combined with the discount for orders above 100€ (30%), which makes the total discount on the corresponding product category 40%.
* The final discount will be displayed in your cart when the value of 100€ is reached.

III. Presents

• All orders placed during the "Black Friday Campaign 2023" promotional campaign, regardless of their value, will receive a gift - Organic Rose Water Gentle Hand Cream, 30ml.

• The gift is exactly the indicated type of Hand Cream, 30ml. It is not possible to substitute with another type of hand cream according to the individual wishes of the client.

• The gift will not be visible in your cart but will be added afterwards when we prepare your order.

IV. Delivery

During the „Black Friday Campaign 2023” Promotion, the standard delivery prices apply. You can check them here.