Bio Lavender Flowers

Bio Lavender Flowers


  • 100% organically grown
  • Naturally caffeine-free

2.82 fl oz/80g

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The delicate purple lavender flowers soothe the body and spirit and fill the space with fragrance and beauty. Over the centuries, this aromatic herb has proven to be a magical resource for health, luck and love – used by Egyptians, it is present in every stage of human history in its various transformations – from a luxurious scent in body and home care to a life-saving necessity in defense against infections.

Today we can enjoy the intoxicating aroma of lavender organically grown in Bulgarian fields. Carefully dried and hand-crumbled, its delicate flowers soothe the spirit, relieve stress, predispose to a sweet and relaxed sleep.

Thе lavender flowers can be used for tea preparation, for home decoration, or for addition to various culinary creations. Placed in a small textile bag or decorative cushion, they can refresh clothes, cabinets and drawers as well as the entire room.


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