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A healthy body provides a reliable defense from many environmental treats and seasonal aggressors. With a little help from nature, we can give our defense system a chance to stay strong all year round.





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Wash Hands Often

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Eat Healthy

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Rest and Manage Stress

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Exercise Daily

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Hand Cleansers

Rinse-Free Hand Cleansers to Keep Germs at Bay

Alcohol-based hand cleansers with pure lavender oil to clean hands and at the same time keep skin hydrated. Perfect to use while on-the-go or when there is no access to water and soap.


A Small Step for Better Health

Our gentle and effective formulas clean skin from germs and dirt, without over-drying. These soaps utilize the protective benefits of pure essential oils and botanical extracts.

Pure and Organic Oils

Awaken your Body’s Defense System

A number essential oils have been used for centuries to help protect against seasonal and environmental threats, while soothing the mind and promoting feelings of wellness and vitality.

Organic oils and their role for physical and mental well-being

People have used essential ( or also known as aromatic ) oils for thousands of years believing that they are able to treat different ailments. They have also been part of spiritual practices in various cultures over the past.

Many have experienced the potency of essential oils which have turned them into part of  everyday life but especially in unpleasant situations like stress, depression, psychical discomfort, illness etc.

Nowadays they could be easily called self-care life enhancers.


How essential oils can help you stay healthy?

* A lot of essential oils are famous for their ability to affect emotions by promoting peace of mind, sense of calmness and relaxation.  It is well known that stress and depression could lead to different problems on psychological and physical level. This is why it is vital for everyone to be positive and in a balanced emotional sate.

* Certain essential oils are known to boost immune system.

It is not a secret that strong immune system is less vulnerable to bacteria and viruses.  A healthy immune system involves many aspects but there are perceptions that it could be successfully supported by aromatherapy.

* Many essential oils have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties which makes them a great agent in sanitizing products for commercial or domestic use. A good hygiene is the key to a better health as it minimizes the chance of contact with potential bacteria or viruses.

* Some essential oils are considered appropriate to alleviate symptoms associated with colds or viral infections and increase comfort during the illness. This is possible because of their natural anti-inflamatory, antiseptic, antispasmodic, analgesic, detoxifying, and sedative effects.


How essential oils work?


It has been scientifically proven that odours activate different parts of human brain.

When essential oils are being diffused –  the molecules of their components are being absorbed through receptors in one’s nose. Then a message is being sent to the  olfactory system – this is the part of the brain which handles the sense of smell. It is one of the significant means by which the environment communicates with human beings. The olfactory system is considered to have relatively direct connections to brain structures involved in memory and emotion such as the hippocampus, thalamus, and frontal cortex.

Essential oils molecules not only reach the olfactory system but the lungs too, from where they enter the bloodstream. Through the bloodstream they are being transferred to all other parts of the body.


Topical application

When essential oils are applied topically, the molecules of their compounds penetrate the skin and enter the blood vessels. Through the blood stream essential oil molecules reach the rest of the body. This journey through the skin is possible because of the lipophilic, fat-soluble nature of essential oils.

Absorption of essential oils depends on different factors, such as – thickness of skin; carrier oil, used for dilution; involvement of heat and massage in the application process.


What amount of essential oil to use when diluting in carrier oil?

Popular carrier oils are olive oil, almond oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba, coconut, rosehip seed oil etc.

How to measure essential oils:

1ml = approximately 20-25 drops

5ml = approximately 100-125 drops = 1 teaspoon

Most often the dilution rate is 1 to 3 %

1 drop in 5 ml = 1 % dilution

3 drops per ½ oz = 6 drops per oz = 1 % dilution

2 drops in 5 ml = 2 % dilution

3 drops in 5 ml = 3 % dilution


The typical dilution for full body massage is 1-2 % as the substance is being applied to large surface area, while massage for smaller spots of the body could be made with 2-3% diluted essential oil. The dilution for facial cosmetic purposes is from 0.2% to 1%.*

*Please, be aware that these directions are only indicative. It is always best to consult a relevant specialist prior topical use of essential oils.


How to use essential oils safely?

Essential oils are very concentrated and potent forms of the plants. You  should always follow some directions when using them:

1.) If you plan to use the essential oil topically, you should first dilute it ( more about dilution has been explained above ). Then make a test on a small area of your skin ( the back of your elbow, your wrist) and watch for a skin reaction in the next 24 hours.

2.) Before using any essential oil, you should check if there are possible interactions with medications you might be taking at the moment

3.) Be cautious when using essential oils around small children or pets.

4.) Pregnant or nursing ladies should also consider well whether to use essential oils or not. It is most recommended that they consult a physician prior the use of any essential oil.

5.) Choose your essential and carrier oils carefully. Be aware of the purity of the raw materials, the method of extraction, purity of end product, the packaging and storage.